9A/OK1TK/P, IOTA: EU-016

Location: Croatia, Island of Hvar, Ivan Dolac, IOTA: EU-016, Loc: JN83HD.
I was allowed to raise my antenna next to our apartment so I moved to the center of Ivan Dolac. Therefore I am able to work directly from our apartment and that’s much more easier. Anyway 20W seems to be bit less then I would need to make more SSB contacts so I switched to FT8 and was able to work some interesting DX locations, e.g. Malawi, Brazil, Uruguay on 10m and 15m.

9A/OK1TK/P, IOTA: EU-016

Location: Croatia, Island of Hvar, Ivan Dolac, IOTA: EU-016, Loc: JN83HD61.
My first test of my mobile equipment in Croatia was not quite successful. I underestimated the Croatian soil full of small stones so I was not able to use my plastic threaded pins tu support the Spiderbeam mast. I had to improvise and use my car as support. Also the conditions were not very good so I was able to make 2 QSO only with M0MCV to London and EA9KB to Ceuta.
Although the conditions were not good the view from my location was really wonderful.


Within the July 2nd till July 8th I worked portable in the small village of Karlov. Karlov is located ca 120 km NE from Prague in the mountains called Jizerske hory where the highest point is 1124 m.a.s.l.

Unfortunately my working conditions were not very good due to the high local QRM especially on 20m where it was up to S7. The equipment used was the same as last time: Xiegu G90 (20W), BHI Dual Inline DSP, Aerial-51 model 404-UL ultralightweight, asymmetrical dipole HF antenna with the 12m high Spiderbeam pole.
All calls are logged on the qrz.com (OK1TK/P).


Today it was my first HF portable operation ca 3,5km from the center of the town Holice. I tested my new Aerial-51 model 404-UL ultralightweight, asymmetrical dipole HF antenna with the 12m high Spiderbeam pole. I used my Xiegu G90 with 20W output power.

My sons (OK1RJO) helped me to setup the antenna with hombrew antenna pole holder.
The homebrew antenna pole holder inspired by the 2nd version designed by VE3TWM was performing very well despite the relatively windy weather. It was used without any other support for the pole. To avoid the pole bending it would be better to use additional Kevlar guy line or lines.

QSO with OE2MRN on 40m band.

I tested the digital modes at the end as well. Due to the limited battery capacity of my notebook it was fast test and the results from PSK reporter are below.

BHI Dual In-line test video

Because I face really strong QRM and band noise in my location I decided to invest to the DSP noise eliminating module from BHI. After a long hesitation I decided for Dual In-Line. I ordered the module from Wimo on Tuesday evening and it lended on my desk on Friday. I wanted to participate at UK/EI SSB contest in the weekend so I run a short testing. You can see the result in the attached videos.
I will try to make some tests on 80m as well because this band is almost unusable for me due to the S7/S8 noise level in the evenings.

BHI Dual In-line DSP noise canceling module – fisrt test /part1
BHI Dual In-line DSP noise canceling module – fisrt test /part2

ISS HAM radio repeater

Sep 27th, 19:02 UTC, Holice, Loc: JO70XB

Within the weekend starting Fri Sep 25th me and my sons were trying to listen and make a QSO via the ISS repeater. There wasn’t any succes with QSO due to the pure antenna equipment which was only the mag-mount NR-770RSP on a piece of metal inclined at an angle of 45 °. The TRX was my old Kenwood TM-V7E powered by Banner 12V 74Ah accu.

We could very well listen to the QSO between G1MHU (UK, close to Manchester) and IK8XLD (Italy, half way from Bari to Napoli), distance between those stations was ca 1.900 km.

RX Taurus 20m band testing

The building of DIY kit of the RX Taurus for the 20m band (14MHz) from RV3YF is the first part of my project of building the SSB TRX Taurus. This is my first project after more then 25 years and with a limited practise and limited equipment it is the really and experiment.

After several days struggling with setting up and tune all its parts, VFO, Band Pass Filter, RF Amplifier and BFO, and a significant help from OK1BVK, the first result finally appeared in February 16th 2020. The first CW QSO received on 14.044 MHz. The antenna was just 5m of wire thrown from my balcony in the southern side of our apartment building.

The next day I tried to throw my 5m wire antenna from the window on the southern side and I received a weak SSB signal. Finally, I had a chance to tune the BFO. It’s aliitle bit boring video but was part of the process.

After the finetuning of the BFO a was able to receive several DX SSB QSOs on the piece of wire hanging from my window and confirm the RX is working.

The first received QSO was with the startion UA0AAT from Krasnojarsk, Asiatic Russia. The distance between my QTH and UA0AAT was ca 5.000 km. The second QSO was between UT2IJ from Ukraine and NX4TT from USA, Florida. The distance between these stations was ca 9.500 km. My distance to UZ2IJ was ca 1.720 km and to NX4TT ca 8.000 km. Antenna, just a piece of wire 5 m long hanging from my window on the 2nd floor.

The next experiment with Taurus RX will be to connect a DDS VFO.

OK1KEY MoonContest 2019-12-11

MoonContest 11.12.2019 on 70cm band was our second contest ever. We used our local radio club station callsign OK1KEY but this time we decided to find better QTH for this contest. We found the highest point place in Prague. This place is called Sobinka and it is placed in JO70DB, not far from Prague’s airport Ruzyně. The temparature there was at about -2°C but fortunately no wind.
We used the same equipment as last tim. TRX Kenwood TM-V7E and mag-mount antenna NR-770RSP placed on our car’s roof. We used Banner 12V 74Ah car accumulator as power supply.
This time we were more successful and we achived 4th in total. Guys made 36 QSO and the longest distance was made to the locator square JO80IB, Orlické hory, Suchý vrch. The distance was 173km.
The other „DX“ contacts were: Čelistná (JN79OI) 103km, Komáří vížka (JO60WQ) 76km, Černá Studnice (JO70OR) 99km, Česká Skalice (JO80AJ) 130km, Dolní Černůtky (JO70UH) 105km and Děčín (JO70CT) 84km.

OK1KEY MoonContest 2019-12-04

MoonContest 04.12.2019 on 2m band. I agreed with our local radio club station OK1KEY to participate this contest with my 11 years sons from my home QTH. As I have just the KENWOOD TM-V7E FM TRX and the mobile mag-mount antenna NR-770RSP on my balcony at 2nd floor we finished the contest on 18th place with 17 QSO and 384 points. The max distnace QSO was made between locators JO70FB and JO60WQ, ca 81km. It was first time when my sons have mike in their hands.