NanoVNA calibration

NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer

Parts needed for calibration:
1x NanoVNA Vector Analyzer Main Unit
2x 30cm SMA Male to Male RG174 RF Clables
1x SMA calibration connector THROUGH
1x SMA calibration connector OPEN
1x SMA calibration connector SHORT
1x SMA calibration connector LOAD 50Ω

1.Screw 1 SMA Male to Male Cables to CH0 and the second one to CH1
2.Screw the THROUGH connector to the end of the cable connected to CH0
3.Switch ON the nanoVNA, open the MENU and find CAL. Select RESET in the SUB MENU. If the CORRECTION is selected (highlighted in black), deselect it.
4.Go to the MENU and click STIMULUS. Set the START frequency to 50 kHz and STOP frequency to 500 MHz
5. Return to the MENU and select CAL and CALIBRATE. You will see the list of the following items OPEN, SHORT LOAD, ISOLN, THRU, DONE
6.Screw the OPEN connector to the CH0 cable with the THROUGH connector already screwed on it. Click OPEN in the MENU. The OPEN menu item will marked in black.
7.Replace the OPEN connector with the SHORT connector and click SHORT. The SHORT item will be marked in black.
8.Replace the SHORT connector with the LOAD connector and click LOAD. The LOAD item will be marked in black.
9.Unsrew the LOAD and the THROUGH connectors from CH0 cable and screw them to the CH1 cable end. Click ISOLN. The item will be marked in black.
10.Unscrew the LOAD connector and now connect both cables to CH0 and CH1 via the THROUGH connector. The both ports are connected via the THROUGH connector. Click THROUGH. The item will be meraked in black.
11.When you are finished click DONE and then SAVE0.
12.Switch Off NanoVNA and wait a moment.

If you want to use NanoVNA now switch on the device and go to the MENU. Click RECALL and RECALL0. These steps should be done always when you switch on the NanoVNA device. You should ALWAYS use the device with the cables used for the calibration.