HAM radio Q code

Q codeQuestion
QRAThis is … .
What is the name of your stn?
QRBMy distance is … .
How far are you from my stn?
QRGYour exact frequency (or that of …) is …kHz.
Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of …)?
QRIThe tone of your transmission is … 1. good 2. variable 3. bad.
How is the tone of my transm?
QRKI am receiving (1–5) where 1 is unreadable and 5 is perfect
How do you receive me?
QRLI am busy (or I am busy with …). Are you busy?
Usually used to see if a frequency is busy.
QRMYour transmission is being interfered with …
(1. Nil; 2. Slightly; 3. Moderately; 4. Severely; 5. Extremely.)
Is my transmission being interfered with?
QRNI am troubled by static… . (1 to 5 as under QRM.)
Are you troubled by static?
QROIncrease power.
Shall I increase power?
QRPDecrease power.
Shall I decrease power?
QRQSend faster (…wpm).
Shall I send faster?
QRRI am ready for automatic operation. Send at … words per minute.
Ready for automatic operation?
QRSSend more slowly (…wpm).
Shall I send more slowly?
QRTStop sending.
Shall I stop sending?
QRUI have nothing for you.
Have you anything for me?
QRVI am ready.
Are you ready?
QRXI will call you again at …hours (on …kHz).
When will you call me again? Minutes are usually used rather than hours.
QRZYou are being called by … (on …kHz).
Who is calling me?
QSBYour signals are fading.
Are my signals fading?
QSDYour keying is defective.
Is my keying defective?
QSKI can hear you between signals; break in on my transmission.
Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on
your transmission?
QSLI am acknowledging receipt.
Can you acknowledge receipt (of a message or transmission)?
QSNI did hear you on … c/s.
Did you hear me or (c/s)?
QSOI can communicate with direct (or relay through ).
Can you communicate with … direct or by relay?
QSPI will relay to.
Will you relay to?
QSVSend a series of V’s on this frequency.
Shall I send V’s on this freq?
QSTGeneral call preceding a message addressed to all amateurs
and ARRL members. This is in effect “CQ ARRL.”
QSXI am listening to ,,, on …kHz.
Will you listen to … on …kHz?
QSYChange to transmission on another frequency (or on …kHz).
Shall I change to transmission on another frequency (or on …kHz)?
QTCI have messages for you (or for).
How many messages have you to send?
QTHMy location is … .
What is your location?
QTRThe time is … . What is the correct time?