RX Taurus 20m band testing

The building of DIY kit of the RX Taurus for the 20m band (14MHz) from RV3YF is the first part of my project of building the SSB TRX Taurus. This is my first project after more then 25 years and with a limited practise and limited equipment it is the really and experiment.

After several days struggling with setting up and tune all its parts, VFO, Band Pass Filter, RF Amplifier and BFO, and a significant help from OK1BVK, the first result finally appeared in February 16th 2020. The first CW QSO received on 14.044 MHz. The antenna was just 5m of wire thrown from my balcony in the southern side of our apartment building.

The next day I tried to throw my 5m wire antenna from the window on the southern side and I received a weak SSB signal. Finally, I had a chance to tune the BFO. It’s aliitle bit boring video but was part of the process.

After the finetuning of the BFO a was able to receive several DX SSB QSOs on the piece of wire hanging from my window and confirm the RX is working.

The first received QSO was with the startion UA0AAT from Krasnojarsk, Asiatic Russia. The distance between my QTH and UA0AAT was ca 5.000 km. The second QSO was between UT2IJ from Ukraine and NX4TT from USA, Florida. The distance between these stations was ca 9.500 km. My distance to UZ2IJ was ca 1.720 km and to NX4TT ca 8.000 km. Antenna, just a piece of wire 5 m long hanging from my window on the 2nd floor.

The next experiment with Taurus RX will be to connect a DDS VFO.

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