OK1KEY MoonContest 2019-12-11

MoonContest 11.12.2019 on 70cm band was our second contest ever. We used our local radio club station callsign OK1KEY but this time we decided to find better QTH for this contest. We found the highest point place in Prague. This place is called Sobinka and it is placed in JO70DB, not far from Prague’s airport Ruzyně. The temparature there was at about -2°C but fortunately no wind.
We used the same equipment as last tim. TRX Kenwood TM-V7E and mag-mount antenna NR-770RSP placed on our car’s roof. We used Banner 12V 74Ah car accumulator as power supply.
This time we were more successful and we achived 4th in total. Guys made 36 QSO and the longest distance was made to the locator square JO80IB, Orlické hory, Suchý vrch. The distance was 173km.
The other „DX“ contacts were: Čelistná (JN79OI) 103km, Komáří vížka (JO60WQ) 76km, Černá Studnice (JO70OR) 99km, Česká Skalice (JO80AJ) 130km, Dolní Černůtky (JO70UH) 105km and Děčín (JO70CT) 84km.

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