Today it was my first HF portable operation ca 3,5km from the center of the town Holice. I tested my new Aerial-51 model 404-UL ultralightweight, asymmetrical dipole HF antenna with the 12m high Spiderbeam pole. I used my Xiegu G90 with 20W output power.

My sons (OK1RJO) helped me to setup the antenna with hombrew antenna pole holder.
The homebrew antenna pole holder inspired by the 2nd version designed by VE3TWM was performing very well despite the relatively windy weather. It was used without any other support for the pole. To avoid the pole bending it would be better to use additional Kevlar guy line or lines.

QSO with OE2MRN on 40m band.

I tested the digital modes at the end as well. Due to the limited battery capacity of my notebook it was fast test and the results from PSK reporter are below.

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